th year

of innovative banking

As one of the young, dynamic players in the Turkish banking industry, we are proud to celebrate our 10th year within Fiba Group with our approach to banking centered on the principles of “Agile thinking, agile solutions” and “Personal customer services.” By putting technology at the core of our business structure, we will continue introducing different products and services to the banking sector and our customers in the next decades.

Agile thinking, agile solutions

Our ability to provide fast and premium banking services that exceed expectations is based on a clear understanding of our customers. We are aware of the needs of different customer segments and develop specific solutions accordingly.

Technology at the core of our all business processes

We are closely monitoring the “Big Data” transformation in the world of technology and developing simpler and faster business processes. We are turning digital innovations into the future of banking.

Financial success through diverse products and services

There is no need to mention the challenges that we all faced in 2020. Despite these challenges, we achieved success by investing in technologies and implementing the right strategies. Our outstanding performance was reflected in the figures.

A young, dynamic and innovative bank

With a young team and spirit, we are one of the Turkish banking industry’s dynamic innovative players. Wherever you see an innovation in the banking sector, we are there.

Our products and services are there for our customers

Life has changed considerably, and service knows no boundaries. We developed strong business partnerships to stand beside our customers wherever they are. You can benefit from the privileges of being a Fibabanka customer in different areas of life.

Diversified customer base

While customer profiles transform, we recognize the expectations and needs of customers from every age group and every segment and offer them tailored products and services to facilitate their lives accordingly.

Always ahead with investments in R&D and innovation

While the world evolves and becomes increasingly digitalized, we adapt to this transformation through the projects of our hardworking R&D employees. We turn innovative ideas into products and services that are taking our bank into the future.

Employees set the rules

Our employees recognize opportunities and change the rules of the game by using technology. They are solution-oriented. They push the limits and make a difference. They are open to change and new ideas. In short, our employees set the rules!

Strong relationships with business partners

We created a robust consumer ecosystem with business partners in different sectors. Each day, we continue to expand our sphere of influence.

Stakeholders with a leading role

Together with our employees, customers, and business partners... We are one big family. Each of them contributes to our success. We will continue to achieve even more with our stakeholders.